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Laila’s leg is finally better! She has almost made a complete recovery. I think I mentioned already that she had to have 2 knee surgeries. Since only one can recover at a time we had to do them back to back. So she has been in the house for months now. Her second leg has healed and she is really letting loose! You can see she has a lot of pent up energy she is releasing.

unnamed-6unnamed-7One of my favorite things to do is take her to Central Park early in the mornings, when dogs are allowed off leash. She had a blast running around and playing with other dogs. She will play with any dog, tiny or huge, she is very open-minded. Some people get nervous letting their dogs off lease but Laila is very clingy and would never run away. She comes back as soon as I call her.

unnamed-8unnamed-9She is also a water lover. She will jump into any fountain. Here are pictures of her in the Central Park fountain. So happy to have a companion on my walks again!

michal golan

In case you were wondering Laila is a Cane Corso Mastiff who we adopted 2 years ago.
With my husband on such a long trip, I really appreciate Laila. Sometimes I get nervous being in the house alone, but with her I can completely relax. She is friendly and sweet, but in her heart she is a true guard dog and will bark up a storm if anything seems suspicious to her.




  1. Your dog Laila is very beautiful to see and the things you have mentioned about her is really amazing. Dogs are always human’s loyal companion, I am happy that she is very close to you. Thank you sharing her pictures too.