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Greetings from Tel-Aviv !

Hi, I am writing all the way from Tel-Aviv. I like to come once or twice a year to visit my family and see old friends. Almost all my family and my husband’s family still lives here. It’s always fun to visit.


My whole week is packed with plans! The other day me, my daughter, my sister, and her husband, did some very inspiring sight seeing. We went to Rosh Hanikra. It is so beautiful! You take a small cable car down into these caves that have been formed by water pushing against large seaside rocks.
The water is perfectly blue and it was hard not to just jump in.

If you are ever in Israel definitely take the time to come here. I have been having a great trip in general, and as much as I love the US, Israeli food and coffee is really the best, so I’m not missing home just yet.


Anyone have restaurant suggestions for me while in Tel-Aviv?