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Garnet Hamsa



Meet Rachel of Alamodest. This week we had the pleasure of being featured on her blog. Rachel is into fashion, philosophy and wellness. Not only is she super stylish, but she is a fitness instructor and yogi. Her fashion choices are inspired by trends of the 50’s and 60’s, but she tries to keep her outfits modest and find a balance between her values and her aesthetic.It was great seeing her wearing our Garnet Hamsa, the Hamsa is such a powerful symbol in all cultures. I love seeing people wearing the Hamsa who are really interested in it’s meaning and who are spiritual themselves. I do make fashion jewelry, but it is always fun to see someone bring more meaning to the pieces because the symbols and shapes are meaningful to me as well. Read her post here http://alamodest.com/hamsa-jewelry-michal-golan/


Another fun event of this week was taking my son out to lunch. He just finished a very difficult surgery rotation in Medical school. I treated him to a meal at my favorite lunch spot in the city, L’Ecole at 462 Broadway. It is actually part of the French Culinary Institute. They have an amazing pre-fixe lunch, for $27 you get an appetizer and main course, and for $32 you can add dessert. It is a lot to spend on lunch but for the quality and the atmosphere, you could easily spend $100. If you ever want to splurge you should definitely make reservations there.

Here are some pictures of our meal. First we had soft shell crab, then Long Island duck with sautéed greens, a summer salad, and Salmon filet. All so delicious!