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Christmas in NYC

Happy Holidays everyone! We don’t celebrate Christmas formally in our house, but I still do love this time of year and it’sompissible not to get in the holiday spirit when living in NYC. Me and Laila took our christams stroll this weekend. First stop was the beautiful tree at Rockefeller center. The tree is so huge it’s hard to get a god picture of it for up close. It was colorfully lit up and so amazing. I can only imagine how great it looks at night, we didn’t get to go see it at night this season with all the rain. We are having a wet, not a white, christmas in NYC. Luckily we had some sun this weekend and the Rockefeller skating rink was full. It was fun to watch families ice skating.

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Afterwards we went window shopping. All the store windows in midtown are decked with ornaments, wreaths, and lights. Even buildings and offices place decorations outside.

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I took lots of pictures of the Bergdorf Goodman windows. They were so artistic and elaborately done. Very creative! Each window display was dedicated to a different form of art: theatre, music, dance, architecture. All the windows had a very classic old feel. Each crowded with beautiful and vintage looking items. Definitely¬†a must see if you are in Manhattan. If you don’t live in the area, just check out my pictures below.


Here is the music display.

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The dance display

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Some more details

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